Videonet-tv video services of capture, edition, compression and hosting services. Our target is the supply of professional video services with full integration to Internet and networks. This service allows companies or home users to take advantage of the huge widespread of both Internet and Intranet.
Companies offering entertainment, advertising or training services will be able to spread their communication worldwide if they add an assorted video to their info. Home users will also be able to show their personal events (weddings, christenings, bat/barmitzva, births or trips) to anyone all over the world.
Formats and norms we work with are: PAL B and NTSC, betacam, DVcam, U-matic, Hi8, 8mm, VHS, SVHS, quicktime, avi, windows media player, MPEG 1 and 2, DIVX.
Another service we provide is live or "on demand" video conference with one or more video cameras. If you have the idea but not the video, we can help you develop it, creating the story board and recording with 3 CCD cameras, and then making the final edition with NLE real time equipment, adding music and voice in English or other language. Finally, we would transmit the info to the net for 24-hour periods or the necessary schedule to meet your goals.