Videonet provides a complete solution for you to see your videos on the Internet: recording, edition and video server housing.
When you Click on a video file, you are automatically connected to a Server that sends this video signal progressively so that you can see it immediately, as the video information downloads onto your computer. This process is really fast and uses little space in your hard disk. Of course, the playback quality will depend on the type of connection or band width of your Internet access. Full process is as follows:

1.- Video is camera-recorded on tape, formats being MiniDV, DVcam, Betacam, S-VHS, VHS, Hi8, 8mm, in Pal or NTSC norms.
2.- The video can then be edited, so titles and music can be inserted.
3.- Finished video is digitalized through video capture boards and transferred to hard drives as a digital file.
4.- This file is compressed and coded in order both to reduce space and be seen on the Web. For above process, very specific procedures and different sort of software are needed to achieve a good quality final product
The basic difference between a Real Player and Windows Media is that it allows a better control over the process. Its main advantage is the popularity of this software, as it is usually pre-installed on most PCs.
Once the video has been codified it is transferred via FTP to a server as the one we are offering you. The video is activated from a client’s site by clicking on a link which opens the video hosted in the server. The appearance of the new window can be personalized according to the design of the client’s website.


-Creation of scripts and educational
or information videos of any kind to be hosted on the Internet.
-Digital edition in real time with broadcast quality.
-Copy to VCD compatible with any DVD reproducer.
-Recording with Betacam, MiniDVcam, Hi8 or SVHS pro
-Creation of interactive DVD,VCD videos.
-Hosting of your videos in our server.
-Email videos, text combinations, graphics and videos, Flash or HTML-designed, with great compression which allows to send as any usual email.
-Video conference in real time or deferred time. Through the latter process you can host your explanatory video

Real Player, Windows Media, Quicktime (mac).

-Modem type and band width the user owns.
-Software of the PC (real one or Windows media player can be obtained free)
-Amount of users that will see the video and type of server where the client’s site is hosted.
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