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Argntina Vs. Mexico. 3er Gol, autor Carlos Tevez
Argentina Vs. Mexico. 2do. gol, de Higuain
Argentina Vs. Mexico. Los "casi" goles de Messi
España Vs. Alemania, 7 de Julio 2010.Los
Gol de España Vs. Alemania/Gol Spanien gegen Deutschland
España Vs. Alemania, 7 de Julio 2010.Los "casi" goles de Alemania
Argentina Vs. Mexico(los casi goles de Mx)
Tunel y presentación Mexico y Argentina
Argentina/Mexico 1er Gol de Tevez de cabeza
Argentina/ Korea 1er gol
Tunel, Himno Argentino
Serbia Montenegro Vs. Argentina 2006
Argentina /Mejico 2006 2do gol de Crespo
Serbia Montenegro Vs. Argentina 2006
Argentina Vs. mejico 2006
Serbia Montenegro Vs. Argentina 2006
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09/09/16 | 06:16: asfumptc0mv dice/say:
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27/07/16 | 00:45: 1RAazQs4E9Lo dice/say:
Is that really all there is to it because that'd be flienbrgastabg.
24/07/16 | 22:50: cJlzXGsoT dice/say:
Nu skal det jo ikke være lutter is med guf, solmodne jordbær og nye danske kartofler at vende hjem til lille dav.ganne. Der er nødt til at være lidt surt på menuen også.
03/12/12 | 11:48: SHXboKAnBSYt dice/say:
1. Possible, yup. I predict, Mexico will fisnih 2nd in the group stage, and Argentina 1st in their group stage, causing them to meet in the Round of 16.2. Not sure who 3. I actually do think Mexico will have a chance to redeem themselves (Not Mexican, therefore my answer is not bias) I feel like Argentina has downgraded since last World Cup. While qualifying they struggled a bit. And just beacause Messi is the best player of the year, doesn't make Argentina automatically better because of him. One person, can't make up a whole team. As for Mexico, they did a good job qualifying. Mex has great young, talented, new players, The Dos Santos brothers, Vela And they are also mixing the young with the old, so that should be an interesting experiment.-edit-To the comment above, i wouldn't say it's a disgrace, people have there own opinions, your contradicting yourself (unless your mexican) because you say you follow Mexico even thought your from the USA.I personally root for Portugal, Spain, and even USA even though they aren't the first team i would primarily root for.